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    Emm deWorde

    Please check the account number. When I try to transfer money, Nedbank tells me, “investor not found”.

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    I think it’s Standard bank but will double check with ODAC.

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    Emm deWorde

    OK, have got it sorted!

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    There are too many typos in this article. Good piece but give it another eye over.

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    Ed Herbst

    I experienced the same thing.
    I found that the branch number for the Standard Bank account given by ODAC was wrong because Standard, like ABSA and perhaps others has done away with the need for quoting individual branch numbers and they use a generic number – 051001
    Once I had worked that out my payment went through. ODAC has now removed the incorrect branch number from their website.
    Ed Herbst

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    Thanks Ed. Have changed number in story.

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    Hear. Hear.

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    Where Llewellyn where? Is my eye sliding over them from familiarity?

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    But why so many typos!

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    Caroline Hurry

    This does not bode well for the future of journalism. I feel very saddened reading this – and hope all those retrenched can carve out a lucrative niche for themselves. The mainstream media in SA brings to mind the old Collosseum theatre in JHB – a fine historic theatre bulldozed in the 80s to make way for corporate enterprise! All in the name of “progress”. Be afraid!

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    I thought i was the only one with my Bantu education

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    Oh my gosh I am surprised they hadn’t retrenched the photographers years ago! Please tell me why any organisation needs so many! These days our newsrooms have to be lean and mean until the adspend comes back… which is probably never.

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    “doubly whammy”, “move to retrenchment” (should be the verb “retrench”), ” we will be get better pictures”, “chief sub editor / sub-editors” (OED favours one word), “Asked the title”, “Robertson this was not”, “Dasnois’ Mandela” (Dasnois’s), “new employer hence” (missing comma), “and that that of some”, “in that you failed put aside”, “of the day”.” (full stop inside inverted commas), “a systemic purge” (systematic?), “media owners, and media workers” (misplaced comma) and “accountability, in government”. Must be the familiarity, Glenda. 😉

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    Phew, Llewellyn. Oh to have your eye on things!

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    Thanks for the compliment, but running the show on your own is always tough. Keep shining & thanks for the news.

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    Great story. Thanks for keeping us informed. The retrenchment of the photographers is very cynical. Limited demand for their photos means the Times will be able to get the same pix from the same people at a fraction of the price – the bosses get their bonuses and more SA families move to the economic margins.

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    Caroline Hurry

    I think you do a fantastic job and I come here for the inside scoops … like twitter where I feel I’m catching up with friends I think the gist is more important than the grammar are!

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