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    Surely you jest, professor?

    Of course when the market is going to tank, a warning is given. The warning is to advise media to start pumping out the sunshine stories. Consequently, in the period closer to the disaster, the mass media will change, or drop the story. When the catastrophe hits, they say toughies, but we warned you three years ago. Why didn’t you warn me last week? No comment.

    It’s what you report yourself, above. “In the crucial years just before the 2008 crisis”, you say, the media shifted. You don’t explain why the shifted, so I am explaining it for you, prof.

    It’s happening again right here and now in South Africa with the mass media statistics. For years they showed the constant decline of newspapers. Now, they foreground the good bits and bury the bad bits. The decline continues. When the crash comes, they will say “we told you so”. Ha ha ha.

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    Helen Ueckermann

    Can’t argue with your point, Jane. There is another serious issue that contributes to this problem though: Had you been a B.Com. graduate would you fall for a journalist’s remuneration? As it happens, the majority of business journalists end up in that job for whatever reason and learn as they go along. Those qualified in economics go to work where the money is good.

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