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    Terry Bell is referred to in some quarters as tripping along the borderline of madness.

    But there’s no need to refer to any imaginary person to show that Terry likes to cross the borderline between fact and, let’s call it, fiction.

    There was no palace coup in 2007, there was a properly convened ANC National Conference and a majority of about 60% voted for a new executive and new office bearers. It’s usually called democracy.

    Terry knows this, but he is telling it differently to the Zambian Bulletin and Record. His friends blush for his shamelessness.

    What Terry likes to do is referred to in some quarters as insinuendo – a word that causes Terry to jump as if stung by a bee, because he knows exactly what it means and how well it fits him.

    Bell is also referred to in some quarters in stronger language, which one prefers not to repeat.

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