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    Articles keep referencing Tony Weaver showing insubordination to the Cape Times editor. Are we talking about Gasant Abarder or someone else? Surely it is very relevant WHO the editor in question is, and that we don’t just keep referencing the position but rather the person in question?

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    The behaviour and thinking from the management at Independent is, frankly, terrifying. The glee in which Barends is taking in sticking it to one of her own is not something to be so bloody proud of. They don’t even know what professionalism looks like yet demand it of their staff.

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    Bring ’em down Zenariah, smash the old farts! About time we got rid of these grossly insubordinate people and replaced them with those who understand that the task of transformation requires large tongues for the licking of all sorts of bosses’ parts and clothing!
    Heaven forbid journalists should challenge, ask questions, probe, inquire! All praise to you for putting an end to this notion that journalists are anything more than recipients of instructions!
    And good that you smack that grossly insubordinate Harber! About time these universities got into line! Where will we get to if they keep thinking for themselves?
    Perhaps your boss should endow a chair of journalism so that the proper approach can be taught!

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    Actually, only Sekunjalo had it wrong on the dismissal of the former Cape Times editor.

    Helpful suggestion, made in the interests of transparency: re-name “Independent Media” to “Dependent Media” or, at any rate, anything that doesn’t imply independence.

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    What is the correct procedure for an editor who should be white-anted?

    [I have been told that one should avoid using the terms “blackmail” and “blacklist” as they are racially pejorative; what, then, of “white-anting”?]

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    ‘I’m sure the list of fatuous terms should include: “Professional”‘

    Comment at //

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    Have subsequently been told it was in fact deputy editor Aneez Salie.

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    Justin McCarthy

    The Indy has become the Windy. Mimicking the ANC in their over-reactionary defensiveness of any criticism whatsoever. Ho hum.

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    Raphael Wyngaardt

    What you need to understand Dr. Surve, is that this is not a babbie shop in rylands

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