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    Martin Welz

    See cover story of latest Noseweek. Quote: “From now on we will no longer be chancing it with the Post office. This month is the last they’ll see of us. Goodbye Mr Postman. Once a lifeline, you are now a threat to our survival.” Go to //

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    Glenda Nevill

    Thanks Martin. Just read your editorial. Sobering reading.

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    Just R230K spend by my company on SAPO in the last fiscal year. A pittance in comparison with wages earned by SAPO Top Brass. There is this story about a Duck that lays the Golden Eggs….Not sure how it goes or how the story ends. Uh mm.. where was I? O, SAPO, yes, so…. uh mm, any case…It was an internal cANCer. R.I.P.

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    10 000 BC

    We spend over 600k anually with SAPO. We have just had our best year ever – but we cannot ditribute our magazine titles – and now we face closure. From hero to zero in one strike…why do we put up with this? SAPO + UNIONS = 0. A better life for all?

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    Caroline Hurry

    This situation is so insane. Not only have none of my magazines been delivered for three months or more, I sell my book Handbook For The Huntress on line for R129 including packaging and postage. Sadly it now costs me more than R200 to send via Postnet. In short I have to pay people to buy it! Eishhhhh

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