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    Chris Vick

    I don’t know Mr Herbst, but vaguely remember a reporter by the same name who used to cover shipwrecks off the coast of Cape Town for the SABC. If that was you, Mr Herbst, we welcome you in your new role as a “media commentator”.
    I have to admit that this is a strange reinvention, though. I’ve read the article a few times and I’m still not certain what point Mr Herbst is trying to make — apart from a few sideswipes at government and ANC communicators, and pretty much anyone else who’s been involved in recent conversations about the quality of South African journalism.
    Somehow, he has managed to string together 2000 words worth of conspiracy theories, speculation, lecturing, conjecture and advice, hinged around a long list of questions which he believes I, and others, should have either asked, answered or had answered.
    But not once did he think to practice what he preaches: to pick up the
    phone or email me, and others, for answers to the multiple questions he has posed. Wouldn’t that have made for a more meaningful contribution to the discourse? Wouldn’t it have avoided more “crap journalism”?
    So (and my apology for adding yet another two questions to Mr Herbst’s long list) how is the author any different from the other people he cites, accuses or questions about their questions? And who, ultimately, is spinning who?

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    Teresa Williams

    “Cape Times has had a catastrophic quality implosion should read @waitingducks” – this link is giving the message ” Whoops – That page was not found”

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    Will check that out.

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    Although not clear in the article, did the M&G report that they had tried to obtain comment but could not do so, and give the reasons? If not, why not?

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