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    Moegsien Ismail

    I don’t know in which world this guy lives. Personal interactions? but then he says they do online shopping. Personal interactions? You will find these youngsters with their faces in a phone, tablet or laprop 75% of the time. They will sit next to each other and talk to each other via text messages or a chat-line. They are definitely not open-minded. They thrive on gossip and the lives of celebrities. “They’re selective in what they buy, preferring products that offer tangible value and benefits either to themselves (discounted prices) or to others (charitable donations on their behalf). They’re not after big brand names or large superstore outlets, favouring smaller, homegrown brands and stores. They’re biased towards handcrafted items, environmentally friendly products and purchases that are socially responsible.” These statements are so off the mark, I could hardly believe my eyes reading it. These youngsters are so hooked on brand names, they don’t give a hoot if their parents can afford it or not, or if they can afford it. Handcrafted items, they are just interested in everything that is hip and hot for the moment. Handcrafted stuff definitely spoil their rep (reputation). Your piece also seems to ignore a large section of the modern young people, those who are poor, do not have a lot of cash to burn, but, collectively represent the majority of youth, on whom a lot of money is spent, or who collectively spent the most money in the youth market.

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