Michele Munro Articles 6

Michele Munro is an outdoor advertising aficionado, as well as the founder and managing director of MMAP, an OOH sales company that delivers integrated outdoor solutions to media agencies. Michele has 13 years’ experience in the media industry. She hails from PE. Michele is godmother to her nephew Daniel and mom to Frankie and Sebastian, two very special Dachshunds. She has a great sense of humour, sharp and witty, can be serious, sociable and loves a good party. Love animals and in fact prefer them to people. Studied Human Resource Management Lives in River Club and love to go to the Vaal River on weekends Enjoys boot camp and the outdoors Like to travel and love the sea and the bush Managing Director of MMAP Everything including washing of dishes Client relations, production, a lot of putting fires out, selling, managing staff, administration, delegating, love to get involved in the creativity of outdoor Site trips occasionally

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