Vuyokazi Matu Articles 1

As Head of HR, and Okuhle founding member, Vuyokazi uses her quiet power and integrity to oversee a 50-strong team, while ensuring that the company’s renowned family culture is maintained. Vuyo believes that it is her ability to mediate that is most valuable and enjoys the rate in which individuals are able to grow their skills given the right guidance. Initially believing that she wanted to be a teacher, Vuyo enrolled for a BA in Education. After completing 3 years, it took one year of practical training for her to realize this was not her calling. Destined for the entertainment industry, which was fueled by her stint as a popular DJ for Community Radio, she left her rural home in the Eastern Cape for the bright lights of Cape Town. Despite not being able to communicate in English, she used every cent she had and enrolled at City Varsity Film School, with the aim of learning English while studying acting and presentation for radio and television. On receiving her Diploma, she joined Okuhle’s founding company, Page to Pictures, and was soon promoted to Operations Manager. With her gift for guiding people being shown early on, it was a natural progression to her role in HR.

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