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    I didn’t read it, but it is the article therein not a play on how chockingly South Africans spell? To my knowledge, “chockers” was a trending topic on twitter in the aftermath of the SA loss against New Zealand.

    (See what I did there? It was also a play in words)

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    in other words

    Even if it was following on the twitter trend, chock means “to block the movement of” and that is precisely what the Proteas did not do!

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    That’s nothing. I received an email last week promising that “our currier will probably come today but, if not, defiantly tomorrow.” A defiant carrier of curries at the doorstep. Now that’s something to worry about.

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    Another simon

    Whoops – That page was not found!
    the statement above is cut and paste after clicking on two of the authors profiles listed on the right… I take it you mean oops? Because whoops are not the same thing … despite the fact that you no doubt had longer than 5mins to come up with accurate and correctly spelt wording, as opposed to the poster creators…. parables of splinters and logs come to mind!

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