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    Marty Murray

    In any case, whatever problem Joost has, mnd, als or some other thing, he can solve it and heal by using a holistic approach involving mind body methods.

    So the idea that he only has so long to live is rather off base.

    To further understand how things like mnd are created and how they can be solved, see my work, especially on the website Creating Paradise, along with the work of Gabor Mate, Craig Oster, Steve Shackel, Evy McDonald, Dean Ornish and Gary Null, among others.

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    Dallace Jolly

    @ Marty: Using this platform to promote your business is in very bad taste.

    @ Themediaonline: Yes YOU/Huisgenoot most definitely did overstep the mark, particularly with the article they ran in their May 27 issue (

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    Huisgenoot/YOU are in the business of overstepping every single mark.  I think it is a disgusting publication and refuse to buy or read it.  Why people waste their time and money purchasing rubbish like that goes beyond me.

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    Joost ref die goedkoop  ?? afr mag Waar was hulle op die KLOPSE STADUIM in die Kaap .Ek is blank as ek mag se maar as almal wat die strate vol pak staduim toe kom. Ons taal aan help, sal ons mekaar se kultuer verstaan.ATHLONE staduim dis n skande skande dat ONS blanke afrikaanes nie verstaan. DANKIE DANKIE Ek was daar 02/01/2012. MAN DIE MENSE WEN ALLES.Dankie tanta dat ek kon rook.Bestuur JHB het of kan nie wat julle so maklik maak nie ATKV kom kyk vergeet om polities reg te wees as julle nie na alle afrikaans spreukendes kan kyk nie MAAK TOE BROEDER BOND EN ALL ????????

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