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    Austin SEO Company

    Well, unfortunately there are a lot of cases where great advertising (or other marketing tactics) has sold a poor product.  Sales would have been a lot better if the product were better, but good marketing can be very persuasive in the short term.

    Notwithstanding the search engines’ attempts to thwart content farms, black hat link building practices and other nefarious practices, they are still not very good at distinguishing high quality from low quality content.  And in the limit, this is a fundamentally difficult task — quality is the eye of the beholder.

    But we are beginning to see progress on this front as the search engines begin to incorporate social feedback in the search results.  Potentially this human feedback will discount a lot of the content spam out there.  On the other hand, it may create a new cottage industry of paid Like/+1 mercenaries; we’ll see.   

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    Tshepo Moletsane

    Great article,, and I fully agree with the analysis. I will however differ with the sentiment ” Online marketing, regardless of how much money gets put into it, will never surpass TV as the primary vehicle until the creative gets better”. This sentiment fails to realise that TV and online are not comparable and once the digital migration is in full swing and there has been adaptation to the mode of delivery and intergration between the two. TV will be nothing but a tool that delivers digital content, and the format or creative will be irrelevant.

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