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    Good for you Elizabeth. Sticking to your dream even when the going seems tough is the road to success. You  find work comes in the most unexpected ways. Thanks for sharing.

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    Elizabeth Joss

    Thanks so much for your optimism Caroline! Appreciate you taking the time out to read my article 🙂 

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    Elizabeth you’re such an inspiration,I have been writing for the past four years and my first job was as a freelancer and as I grew my brand people started being nasty because I am a hardworker. I have done business, lifestyle, features, etc writing and now I want to create a niche for myself. thanks for igniting that fire in me to chase my dream.

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    Elizabeth Joss

    Dear Tshepo

    Thanks so much for the kind words. I am so glad I inspired you. People will always be jealous of one’s successes. But this just makes us work harder and strive for further successes. 

    Have a lovely day. 

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    Excellent piece Elizabeth – Ironically, this article may have landed you a job – stay tuned 🙂 Jim

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