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    Embracing the media owner

    At last!! Someone has seen the light!  Thanks Richard for recognising that media owners are there to help and yes, we do have an in depth knowledge of our clients.  In our business the Media Reps/Account managers actually move with the client if it changes agency rather than handing it over to someone else.  That way we can “manage” the account better.  Now if we could just get more agencies to think like Richard…… 

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    Great article Richard! But it’s also up to the media owners to ensure that they have a well trained and able team to provide the value you seek!
    * Now about that meeting with your client….

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    Totally agree – some years back I created a document on behalf of the old MDC setting out the ground rules for the partnership between agency and media owner. It’s still relevant – I’m happy to e-mail it to any interested parties. Contact me on

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    Owen Calverley

    Thank you Richard!  Interesting point raised about agencies jealously guarding their clients. As a media owner I actually encourage brand owners to work through an agency. The bigger the brand then even more so. Where we work WITH the brand owner and the agency we are delivering just so much more value to the client (and ultimately our readers too). It makes my job easier knowing what new products are launching and when, so that planned editorials and features run in harmony with product launch ads.

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