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    One of my most lasting memories of John was a lunch we had a few months back. He didn’t want to talk about work at all but was more concerned about the happiness of certain young women he’d worked with. It worried him that young people had it ‘so hard these days’ and that ‘too many young mothers are carrying the burden’. I could see this really troubled him. What cheered him though was the constant stream of people who went out of their way to greet him.
    It was an enormous privilege to have known John. 

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    Tracy Schloesser

    I have an indelible memory etched on my mind of “Johnny Farks” singing karaoke in a pub in London while on a Caxon magazine trip in 1992. What a fun time that was! Yes, he could grouch but he was always bok for anything (with a bit of female coaxing). On the same trip we arrived in Orlando the day after our karaoke evening (much the worst for wear) and things seem to be taking exceptionally long with our luggage at the airport. Farks decided to speed things up a bit by checking the labels on the suitcases and hauling them off the conveyor for us girls.  For one particularly large suitcase he braced himself first then hauled the suitcase off the conveyor using all his strength. Unfortunately, for him the suitcase was completely empty (the owner  had brought it with for shopping purposes) and he found himself doing a few 360 degree turns around the airport with suitcase in hand!  It took him days, with much headshaking and questioning of female logic, to get over the fact that someone had travelled with an empty suitcase!!  

    Go in peace John – the memories will be with me always.     

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    Bette Kun

    I have so many memories of John. He was always first in the office at Platinum Publications – I was usually second. When he came to work with us on The Media/marketingweb setting him up with a computer and our email system was a challenge “It’s just a typewriter to me, Bette”. Knowledgeable, funny, irascible, straight talking … so many adjectives for John. He was keeping up with Social Networking as another medium and intensely interested in its effect. A character, and icon – a memory to be cherished. The industry needs another Farks to keep them honest.

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    John Deare

    First meeting with Farquie was in about 1968 when I undertook my first trip to Cape Town as Ad Manager of Witness. Took him and Peter Amis to lunch at the ‘Elizabeth’ on a Friday. BIG MISTAKE! They poured me into a taxi at 4pm. …and continued their party.
    Will really miss a true legend.

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