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  1. 1

    Helen Ueckermann

    Good advice from an experienced freelance professional!

  2. 2

    Caroline Hurry

    What a fabulous timely reminder. Thanks Niki. Great piece!

  3. 3

    Dave Fair

    Outstanding article… a real keeper. Thank you.

  4. 4


    Very good, down-to-earth, practical piece Nikki; well done!


  5. 5

    Caroline Cowan

    Excellent advice. So relevant to these times, especially the tip about being a service provider rather than a freelancer. We are professionals and need to start marketing ourselves as that! Thank you. 

  6. 6

    Claire Winson

    I loved being a freelancer, but gave it up very recentlly because it became increasingly impossible to survive – I had a great retainer client WITH a signed contract stating exactly when invoices were to be paid, but that seems to make no difference to the client! Am STILL waiting for final payment. Some clients don’t seem to realise we do this for a living, and paying on time is essential to continue working and to pay our own debts. Should be a way to name and shame dodgy clients!!

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