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    I have noticed that there is an urgent need for a local
    current affairs/talk show program for DStv/MNET. Apart from Carte
    Blanche, there is no other flagship program
    aired (please don’t bank on “The Wild”). A good suggestion is a daily
    show similar to the American shows “The View or “The Talk”. Local
    personalities, preferably 4-6 ladies can talk and give insight about
    issues affecting society that happen within the previous 24-hours. Topics
    ranging from aspects in the political arena to good healthy
    living in front of a live studio audience could be discussed. Each day
    local celebs/special guests can feature or guest host on the program.
    With regards to possible hosts: they would need to be professional,
    witty and must be able to interact with the audience and viewer. My
    personal suggestions for fixed hosts are as follows:

    1. Carol Mogale-Bouwer
    2. Jailoshini Naidoo

    3. Gerry Rantseli-Elsdon

    4. Khanyi Dhlomo-Mkhize

    5. Michelle Garforth-Venter

    6. Michelle Mclean

    7. Zuraida Jardine

    8. Devi Sankaree Govender
    9. Basetsana Khumalo
    10. Jeannie D

    These ladies have extensive experience in the industry and are firm favourites among viewers over the years.

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    A timely article given the advent of DTT on the horizon. Channels dominated by repeats is not a uniquely South African phenomenon but is made much more visible by the fewer number of channels. I’m so glad you’ve mentioned the low impact ratings seem to have on commissioning decisions: Ratings are the simplest barometers of what the public wants. If budgeting is an issue (as it always is) why wouldn’t you use this readily available tool as a guide for what to commission?  

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