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    An archaic ed who loved to overwrite
    Opened a .doc and got such a fright
    An infinitive split
    the writer had writ
    So with vigour and red pen the ed took flight

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    In other words (Caryn Gootkin)

    I love it. 
    Can anyone top that?

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    Mary Sproles Martin

    There once was a gal named McKnight

    Who constantly did overwrite

    Her editor balked

    And after they talked

    Her work’s meaning soared plainly in sight.

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    A young man from Cape Town who might,
    Have a tendency in prose to overwrite,
    Could do a lot worse,
    Than take Caryn’s de-tox course,
    His bad days will be over, right? Right.

    Chris Hancock

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    The StyleWriter software cuts 25 per cent of words in documents.  You should try it.  Go to // for demos and a download trial.

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    Gus Silber

    There once was a writer, a scribe, a person of letters, right
    Who suffered from a terrible tendency to overwrite
    Such was the inclination and proclivity with which he was smitten
    That he wrote everything he wrote to the point where it was horribly overwritten
    He couldn’t write a word without grasping for or reaching or seizing his thesaurus
    To enable him to find a word of similar meaning and intonation with which to bore us
    He would spend many an hour searching and hunting and questing for the word he was seeking
    And that’s why I’m afraid to say that this isn’t really a limerick, technically speaking.

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    Victor Dewsbery

    I am pleased you concur with my guess.
    You affirm, you agree, you profess.
    But the wording is trite,
    So I must overwrite:
    I think what you mean is just “Yes!”

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    Frances Gordon

     Congratulations on a great competition. The entries are brilliant!

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