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    Many names that can still be added. How about Simnikiwe Xabanisa, Times Media’s new Group Sports Editor and Bongani Siqoko, newly appointed editor of the Daily Dispatch?

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    You can only find four black Africans at this stage out of your top 20? Then rather don’t do this thing. Just can it, spike it, throw it in the bin. It’s a bummer. The only reason to run with it is that you are a white racist, or that you want to show your industry up as a white racist industry.

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    Herman Lategan

    Domza, before spouting forth shit, this not the whole list. Fool.

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    Oh riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. I seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. The other 20 are all blacks, hey? Ja, well, no, fine.

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    Herman Lategan

    Domza, you’re so eighties, you sound like a Nat. Oh, I forgot, retro is chic.

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    The full list of 40 is overwhelmingly white. Only 6 out of the 40 are people of colour. That’s embarrassing in an industry which is supposed to be transforming. (See the link to the full list on the digimag above.)

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    My apologies – I missed a spread in the issue. The full list shows 9 out of 40 people of colour. Still not much of an improvement.

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    As editor of The Media, let me explain how we got to these people.

    The 40 under 40 was based purely on nominations, of which we got plenty. Then, research was done on each person nominated and from that, we pulled out the best for the short list. Our editorial board then gave their individual top 40 (from the research given to them on each person) and from that we reached the top 40. At the time, we noticed that there were not many ‘people of colour’ and went through the original list to see if there were people we had somehow missed. These 40 were definitely the top of the pile from the nominations we got. We could not adjust or fix it because it didn’t fit with some racial quota. I recall last year being told there weren’t enough Afrikaners in the list. It is as it is and is a true reflection of the people who are moving and shaking in this industry.

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    Perhaps compare these percentages with the finalists listed in the Sikuvile Awards article….

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    God stuff happening in Africa it seems. I had a word over the weekend with an editor at
    African business news website Bizrika and guys apparently say there is every indication that now this is time for African Business to pick. kudos to the journalists and sure let’s raise the African business flag..

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