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    No one refers to Yahoo as Yahoo! when writing. It’s awkward and clumsy, and when you start adding possessive apostrophes it just looks ridiculous (Yahoo!’s app). Look at that great bastion of style, the NY Times: //

    Also, this author doesn’t really know what they’re talking about. Referring to Microsoft as a good example of UX design? Seriously?

    I also find it a sign of the times that these dodgy, 2-bit agencies are picking up the UX design trend now without understanding the fundamentals of UX. It’s 2013’s RWD, I guess.

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    Louis Eksteen

    Ah well, I just like Yahoo!’s quirky name, I guess. Plus it’s the way the company uses its own name: // Perhaps that great bastion of style is just a bit old and tired.

    If you’re just a Microsoft hater just because it’s Microsoft, fine. But our view happens to be that Windows 8’s design is good. We’re not alone: //

    Dodgy, 2-bit agency? Don’t know what you can possibly mean 😉

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