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    Milner Erlank

    As a new Capetonian, (18 months) please don’t let the money win. When I last travelled from Johannesburg to the OR Tambo Airport, the forest of billboards truly represented the greediest and worst of commercialism. Rather than persuading a buy, what I saw was repellent. Do bill boards really sell. I doubt it. There are numbers of avenues through which advertisers can shout their wares. Spare CT.

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    Cape Town Local 20 years

    The proposed changed to the by law by adding in a policy is to create a better balance between advertising and economic growth on one hand and maintain the characteristics of Cape Town on the other. The original bylaw promulgated in 2001 is outdated and needs to be re thought. It is not promoting the use of billboard advertising on every street corner and it will not allow for Cape Town to look like Johannesburg or Durban.

    Secondly, their is a distinguishable size difference between the size of a structure or adverts compared to the “vistas of sea’s, trees and mountains”. Cape Town needs to be more forward thinking and it seems this is what the City is aiming towards whilst maintaining the heritage and beauty of our City.

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    Barney Gibbs

    There is no question that large-format billboards will detract from the beauty of Cape Town. What is tragic from an economic standpoint, is that they also tend to eclipse more socially-beneficial forms of outdoor advertising, such as bus shelters.

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    Jason Nolan

    The proposed changes to the new bylaw are basically so the City of Cape Town can earn revenue by having billboards erected on land that they own. Problems will arise as how can they fairly police themselves. They will now also be competing against other private landlords that earn revenue from billboards. I doubt that approval on council land will be taking two to three years as it has on private sites. They will be wanting to earn revenue from their land. So the out of home industry can only benefit by the City of CapeTown now prostituting itself for extra revenues

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