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    Keith Kelsen

    I have been going to South Africa for the DOOH business since 2006 and as South Africa develops its networks, the operators need to keep in mind the reasons for changing from a billboard to a digital billboard or a poster to a digital poster. The biggest difference is that one then can charge six advertisers the same price as one advertiser. The basic premise is that it can handle more advertisers. On Digital Billboards that is about 6x per. But the big caution is content. Just because you can now put flashy graphics and spell binding motion does not mean that you do it. The typical length of a Digital Billboard ad is 8-10 seconds and the loop can handle 6 advertisers. The biggest advantage is that an advertiser can change the content by day part from morning, noon and night. It is not about the fancy graphics that last 20 seconds. You need to have a call of action up ALL the time. The main point must be visible ALL the time. Otherwise you have missed more than half your audience with your message while they wiz past at 60-70 mph.

    Keith Kelsen

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