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    to all the witnesses, have you ever heard the sound of a cricket bat bashing on a door! that is defence point! please stop prolonging this case! tel the guy you have not heard the cricket bat sound to comment! simple ‘NO COMMENT’ on cricket bat sound! and lets move on….

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    Die Anner Dan

    Oscar the Tosser was armed when confronted with person[s] pointing firearms at him on a highway. He thereupon dink-dinks off to a public parking lot and calls friends / family for help. No talk of “action mode” doing the Dirty Harry thing.
    Then during x-questioning he tells Gerrie that instead of going into flight mode ( as above ) in believing robbers were to be in the bathroom, he does the true Oscar thing ( he explained it as being part of his generic makeup ) by confronting the possible armed intruders without giving it a second thought.
    Nope. The first scenario would indicate this whipper-snapper gunslinger to be an inherent coward. The mere fact that he was gaaning aan in front of the door, was because he knew Reeva was all alone. If he had lo believe otherwise, he would have left Reeva only too be discovered hiding behind a dustbin in some kind of parking lot.

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