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    This is great, Evelyn! I always have to suppress my mirth at reporters and their false sense of superiority. I am getting published now more than I ever was as a journalist. In fact, each piece I write for a client gets published on average between 10 – 20 times, often way more than that. Each article under a different byline, of course, yet 90% (if not 100%) identical to the statement I wrote and disseminated.
    The only differences between being a PR pro and a journo are that now I am actually shaping the debate, not just reacting to it, and of course I am being paid more while not having to bow and scrape to keep my job in a newsroom where jobs are constantly on the line and political pressure is increasing. Plus I have become an expert on a wide range of topics and industries, travel more, and hang out with fascinating and stimulating people. Have not missed the newsroom for even a second, and only once I left it I realised of how little importance most of what gets written really is (contrary to what I had to tell myself then in order to believe that what I did for a living was significant and made a difference).

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