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    Moerdyk is dismal.

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    Megan M

    What is enormously frustrating with radio ads is that you can’t simply show the terms and conditions. When advertising a car deal, you have to read out all the t’s and c’s in terms of the CPA, and that can take 15 seconds of your time. You then either buy a 45 second spot or have the voice artist read at the speed of light.

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    Ant Duke

    When radio is so mediocre the products advertised take on the same mediocrity. The low quality bar…

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    Moerdyk is hackneyed as hell.

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    Pat Pughe-Parry

    My radio ad gripes.
    1. The VW Jetta one where the husbands suggests to his wife they buy the Jetta. He then cuts her off and talks to his mate and tells him he is getting the Jetta. Any woman who buys a Jetta after listening to this appalling ad needs her head read.
    2. The Xpanda ad. Why do you have to have an American voice over artist? We live in South Africa dammit.
    3. Any ad that advertisers constipation medication during meal times.

    I haven’t watched TV for 3 years so radio is my favoured medium and yes, the ads are pathetic.

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