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    Justin McCarthy

    Chris, you owe it to your readers to at least research your subject properly. You demonstrate a poor grasp of the dynamics of the primary, secondary and tertiary ICT infrastructure, the regulatory environment and the commercial models of each of the segments. No amount of downstream providers (whether content as in VIDI or distribution as in NODE) will make an iota of difference to internet speeds, distribution, quality or cost.
    It is common knowledge that uncapped ISP options automatically switch over to GPRS speeds once the built in cap is reached – hence your poor speeds. It’s known as throttling and it’s contained in the Ts and Cs you signed.
    It’s also common knowledge that congestion is a major contributor to poor network performance. Hence all the midnight to dawn offers. Schedule your up/download at 01h00 and see the speeds reached compared to 10h00 for a simple demonstration of the obvious. Use the OOKLA app (desktop and mobile) for the best independent performance metrics available worldwide.
    Then do some research into how the ISPs deliver the infrastructure to end users. Cellular is radio frequency, fibre is fibre but much of it has to go through the legacy exchange of the Telkom exchange – hence the ongoing battle over LLU with ICASA.
    Then research the regulatory framework – why is it that SA is 15 years behind most of the world? Remember Ivy Matsepe-Cassaburri? 10 years as Communications Minister and all she achieved was to anchor our future in the past. 5 successive Ministers in 5 years following her death. Look no further for answers.
    And while you’re researching, look up the speeds that Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and others are achieving – HK is the world’s best (fixed line) at an average 94Mbps. 1GB lines are as rare and exceptional as 100Mb lines are in SA. As for your 245Tb example, yes, theoretically, that’s what the latest fibre optic can carry at max capacity, but only in the laboratory right now. Relevance?

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