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    Content apart,since the takeover of I N L by Sekunjalo, there has been a noticeable decline in the standard of English, in the proofreading, and in the sub editing of the newspapers in this stable. This also spills over into the community newspapers such as the Atlantic Sun, which has been going from bad to worse.
    There is as Chris Whitfield says, a noticeable bias towards the governing party, to the detriment of free discussion and debate.

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    Be interested to know Chris Whitfield’s thoughts on this: //

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    Ric Greyling

    I think Iqbal is an anc lackey extreme…..and a doos

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    So having been one of the enforcers for the Irish for two decades, Mr W now discovers what a abd thing it was not to raise his voice against their knife artistry? He knew then, as did everyone of us in the group that the entire Independent Group internationally lives of what they squeezed out of South Africa. Profits one year globally for example were € 15-million. Remittances form South Africa that year? € 15-million. The UK and Australia made not one cent.

    Editors have always been enforcers for their owners, or they go. Indie has a new owner and a new set of enforcers. But the system stays in place because no editor in this country since the demise of the RDM has ever been courageous enough to really test the boundaries (with the possible exception of Alide Dasnois).

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    John Yeld has retired. From what I could gather from him, things were very difficult at the office.

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    Its also a disgrace that Surve is chairman of UCT’s GSB. what kind of example does he set?

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