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    Oh come off it, Quinton. What this crap about ‘them’ and ‘they’, and what this patronising drivel about ‘they don’t… know the rules’ and ‘they don’t get the jargon’? You may not know it yet, but in two blinks you will also be a ‘senior’ – are you seriously suggesting you will then lack the capacity to ‘work’ social media in whatever way you feel like? I have a social media buddy who is WELL into his 80’s, he’s savvy, witty, bloody entertaining and I defy anyone to pull the wool over his eyes. And he’s not all that exceptional, either.

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    Couldn’t agree more Ikhuku. Sir Tim Hunt who made those chauvinistic comments about women working in Science laboratories was defended on Sky by a young guy saying that he couldn’t be blamed too much as he was old and dithery; at the age of 72! That comment was in my view anti-ageist and almost (but not quite) as bad is his(Hunt’s) comments. For the purposes of “full disclosure” I am 68.

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    Well as a 63-y-o in full possession of all my faculties, I of course agree with you. I’m about sick to death of being regarded as past it, insignificant, ready for the geriatrics ward… it’s time for us seniors to bite back. There are loads of dim seniors around… but they’re only dim seniors because they started off as dim juniors. Nothing to do with age. I’ll give any of those arrogant little anti-age jerks a run for their money.
    Of course, we can take consolation from the fact that sooner or later, they’ll get what we’re talking about 😉

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