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Chris Moerdyk

Chris Moerdyk is a marketing and media analyst and advisor and former head of strategic planning at BMW SA. He serves on the editorial board of The Media Magazine and is non-executive chairman of Bizcommunity SA and the Catholic Newspaper and Publishing Co Ltd. Chris is a Fellow of the Institute of Marketing Management and a member of the Chief Marketing Officer Council.

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  • Llewellyn Kriel

    Not much new here, but that’s not really surprising, is it? After all, Chris, is a marketer who can write. Editorially speaking we call such folk “columnists” as distinct from reporters or editors. It’s a little sad that his eminently valid opening position is snowed under in the customary blizzard of marketinglish. He misconstrues real Journalism (of which we need much, much more) with trendy churnalism, the bulk of which is asinine, pontificatory and pompous – and we already more than enough of that.

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