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    Circulation Steve

    You forgot “defending their turf” – If nobody but other lawyers have even a remote scoobie of what they’re wafflling on about , it has to be good for business…..

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    in other words

    You are so right. Food for thought. Part 3?

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    1 An advocate friend in Jo’burg (like Caryn, a former student of mine) once told me about a courtroom opponent who liked to use ‘anent’ (= ‘about’ /’concerning’/’with reference to’). My friend said he would pass on my comments about the use of pompous archaisms intended to intimidate rather than communicate.
    2 The lawyers are bad enough, but it’s really hard to beat those who operate in the postmodernist, post-structuralist, deconstructionist byways of literary theory and who require that postgrad students employ the same verbiage or be condemned as academically illiterate.

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    in other words

    You are still the King of English. Long live the King!

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