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    Pervara Kapadia


    I would agree with what you have shared here in this article.

    So far Social Media is as good as what the user does. In the sense as you have rightly shared that Viral Effect is one of the pre-dominant effort that we should look at, so, if the content placed is what people would want to share then yes Viral is what Social Media can be. Social Media is a great facilitator of Viral activity.

    Having said this if peole could nurture a little of their main Community Members then perhaps a hope of retention and being top of the mind recall value can be looked at.

    As you have rightly shared here: ‘The true answer, I suspect, is “It depends.” It depends on the category
    of product or service, as well as the depth of engagement that takes
    place between a brand and its fans.  If the brand utilizes its social
    platform in an economical, engagement-driven manner, then the value can
    be high.’


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