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    Mandy Collins

    Oh, well said. It’s these kinds of incidents that add fuel to the debate around a media tribunal. I am less and less willing to call myself a journalist these days – it’s just too embarrassing.

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    What an utterly puerile argument. Didn’t the Minister have the nous to check out the composition of her audience after agreeing to address the Cape Town Press Club? The same question applies to her ‘special advisor’: didn’t he brief her? That’s his job, isn’t it? What amazes me is the supine response of the media and commentators to the ANC and its cohorts arrogantly telling a properly constituted membership what the composition of its membership should be. The simple response should have been to tell the critics to get stuffed. The composition of Press Clubs really is none of their business.To borrow Rams Mabote’s style, when the ANC membership is surveyed we should expect to see ANC followers, and not discover in its ranks people also simultaneously wearing Communist or labour hats, or all three.  

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