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    Ant Duke

    The decision to re-position 5FM was made in 1996 when the SABC sold its regionals. I’ll never forget CEO Peter Matlare asking me a year later to re-re-postion it as AC to counter the growth of Highveld, ECR and KFM…three years later John Langford and I put it back on track. It’s a great success story in SA radio…

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    Martin Slabbert-Capper

    I stand to be corrected, but isn’t RSG’s Saturday evening music request show “U eie keuse” a show that has been running in the same time-slot for far longer than “Believe it or not” – I think close to 60 or 70 years? I know it is by far the oldest show on Afrikaans radio, and I suspect it has been in the same time-slot on Saturday evenings all the way through. Can someone confirm?

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