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    You make some interesting points Chris, but without wanting to take you out of context, one of your arguments falls down somewhat – “I do not see any value in their quest to continue cutting down trees and producing old news…” Newsprint is made from paper. Paper, especially in SA, is made from trees which have been farmed for that purpose. Pretty much the same as mealies for your cornflakes and wheat for your bread. So trees are not cut down to make paper; they are harvested. Some 260,000 trees are planted every day in South Africa. And while these trees are growing they are absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen. //

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    Paul Scott

    Nice article! I also published an article about challenges faced by online media in South Africa and it appeared on Biz-Community. // //

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    Jagatheesan Chandrasekharan

    3) Klassiek Afrikaans




    Alle sosiale emancipatiebeweging

    DIE ENIGSTE ALTERNATE en hoop van die nasie is Olifant van BSP!

    Mense is net keelvol kongres en alle ander plaaslike partye EN BJP!

    Vandaar te vang die meester sleutel!

    HELE mense het om te ontwaak met ‘n bewustheid!

    VIR hul welstand geluk en vrede!

    AS finale doel ewige redding te behaal!

    gereed vordering in die versterking van BSP se basis onder die “Al
    samelewing” te wys en voor te berei vir die “noukeurige GROOT GROOT
    RALLYRally” na verwagting vir wat op 15 Januarie.

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