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    What an excellent article. Thank you Media Online for being brave enough to print this!

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    Immanuel Suttner

    Must have been a painful and difficult article to write, thank you for sharing your humanity and vulnerability, as society is confronted with its own ugly underbelly. A widely propagated and institutionalised resentment such as Jew hatred is not just a Jewish problem…it is a whole of society problem and a barometer of how conscious / unconscious and self reflexive any particular society is…or isn’t.

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    david nissim

    Thanks for an honest, sincere, great-reading article. Also,
    important to note that around the gobe wherever there have been anti-Zionism/anti-Israel protests or demonstratons, many supporters are wearing ISIS gear, flying their flags,
    making blatantly anti-semitic and incendiary posters and statements etc.
    eg “Gas the Jews” is not a nuanced, anti-Zionist statement. It’s pure darkness. And racism. This
    merely reflects the timbre and sentiment of the “protest”, and the anti-semitic source of this

    Many people don’t realise it, but the Third Intifada has already been unleashed. It’s
    the electronic intifada. There is even a site called just that. It
    aggregates every possible piece of anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic source,
    opinion, statement, video, and lie out there, no matter how marginal or offbeat (if a Jew says something radical, or anti-Israel it makes good news – even if he should be institutionalized) – and all so that “good”, “caring” people
    can arm themselves against honest, sincere people like you who are just trying to make sense of this shitstorm and wondering if some of their “friends” have not actually been brain-squatted by anti-Semitic zombies from outer space.

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    Cindy Moritz

    Elegantly expressed Nikki.

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    Sindy Jonas

    Well said Nikki Temkin~

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    Brilliant article Nik. You perfectly expressed the emotions & situations a lot of us have experienced over the last couple of weeks. well done!

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    Beverley Price

    I am ever grateful to be a South African. At this point to see the galloping anti-semitism in the North is heartbreaking and an aberration of our buried history there. Flying flags, inciting violence, bullies that are out of control. Qatar owns a lot of Britain. They of course ‘ówn’ hamas too. It is tragic to see the (query )intended fragmented direction of the Qatari investments The tunnels versus Harrods and the Shard.They could have made Gaza thrive had they wanted to. Here is a link. Will they build a branch of Harrods in Gaza? //

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    Finally, a voice of reason rings out from the cacophony of biased propaganda force fed to the gullible public by anti-semitic media moguls. Where was the outcry when violent Islamic States brutally murdered over 500 of Iraq’s Yazidi minority? Where were the Tweets condemning these savages for burying people alive? Did anyone bother to hash tag for the women who were taken against their will to be slaves, abused, raped and assaulted? Did anyone stop to think that Israel has had up to 500 rockets a day fired at them? Did anyone research how the tunnels from Gaza came about? They were built using child labour. Yes, and many children died, the same children whom the cowardly HAMAS use as human shields. If you are a Muslim and feel insulted by my comments, bare in mind I am not anti Muslim.I am anti Islam and the religion offends me. It is against my principles to accept women as second class citizens. I refuse to accept child marriages, condoned in the name of Islam. I will call it for what it is and that is child abuse. I find child abuse deeply offensive and I do not believe in murder and killing anyone who does not believe in Allah or anyone else for that matter. The very notion is offensive.

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    Well said Nikki. I am anti nothing. I am not a fence sitter … I am pro human and pro life. Praying for World peace x

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    ingrid pepler

    Brilliant article Nikki. You are very brave and I honour you for that. I seriously considered posting a link to your article on Facebook but I didn’t. I will however use it – with your permission – to teach my journalism interns about ethics in social media.

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