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    Jos Kuper

    Britta, you have captured the complexities beautifully. It is in the interests of all to build a body of research made up of separate elements and the only way to do this is full collaboration. Auditing, monitoring and constant evaluation are key to the transparency and validity of all the research elements, but so is the participation of all users of the data. I have to say I am immensely impressed by the process followed by Yardstick and hope that it will reassure the AMF at least on that level.

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    The SAARF model was not a bad model…it was just not taken seriously by marketers nor media owners…and in fact the only difference between many of the media owner driven solutions is that the media agency and marketer representation is not credible. Research should provide the foundation for decision making not selling.

    Incidentally many of the same media owners who criticize SAARF outcome were party to them. SAARF was changing anyway.

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    Jennie Beck

    An interesting and timely piece from Britta and two good comments. I’ve worked with a huge range of MOCs, JICs and super-JICs and firmly believe that the best set-up is where strong media agency and advertiser voices are heard alongside those of media owners. Working together like this is best for ensuring the rigour and reputation of the media currency; guaranteeing its independence and, above all, providing a forum for continuing innovation.

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