Britta Reid Articles 156

A stalwart of the media industry, Britta Reid has worked for both media agencies and media owners, which has given her a valuable view of the inter-relationship of these two sectors. Over the decades, she has worked through numerous industry transitions from the launch of the first private commercial TV station to the establishment of media independents and now the ongoing evolution of the digital world. She is a committed trainer, who has given much time to the development and mentoring of her colleagues. In her personal capacity, Reid is a something of a magazine junkie. While she eagerly incorporated her iPad into her media repertoire, she still revels in discovering thriving niche paper publications such as The Gentlewoman, Flow and Kinfolk. After well over a decade as MD of MediaCom, Reid has recently had the privilege of taking a sabbatical. She returns to the industry as an independent media consultant, with a newfound objectivity

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