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    Paige Turner

    Well-qualified copy editors are willing, ready and waiting to link up with PR people to help improve the state of the language.
    But beware of spellcheck — it’s there to check (and alert you to potential errors), not correct errors.

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    Spellchecks can be downright dangerous. They will not pick up any difference between ‘licence’ and ‘license’ or ‘practice’ and ‘practise’ or ‘rein’ and ‘reign’ … and hundreds of other little English barbs that can turn an ordinary sentence into a howler.

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    “…language snobs and grammar police.”

    If only.

    I’m a first-eye reader for articles in my newspaper clearly written in greatest haste and submitted unproofed by the writer, in the pious and unfulfilled hope that someone will sub it before copying and pasting into the print version.

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    If you care for communication, you’d better care more for pronunciation.

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