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    “Surely, it is part of a PR person’s job to keep up-to-date about who is editing a publication in which they are hoping their dull press release will be published? Also, it might help to read the publication every now and again to check on the general content.”

    Well said Peta. It’s time for media editors to pull together and en masse refuse content from PR companies that send press releases out via Mailchimp and similar packages as spam.

    However, to a practical level.

    The other thing that has CHANGED people is the way you deliver your media release. Technology has changed PR peeps. Some of you are still using various email packages to send the MR out in the body of the email using formatted or enriched text. Please stop doing this. it makes NO sense when you are in any case attaching images (another subject for a missive) to the email anyhow. Why not just attach the MR as as a Word (or .rtf) document as well? That makes is a helluva lot easier for the journo to archive content, or to copy and paste content.

    In case you did not know, copying and pasting direct from your (formatted) email delivered from a multiplicity of different packages also transfers that formatting so the journo’s article in preparation ends up looking like a dog’s breakfast.

    Either do the above or use PLAIN TEXT format for emails.

    And it would be nice, from my perspective as a B2B editor who works with long publishing lead times, if you include an executive summary in the body of the email which also includes a) the original media release in Word and b) medium res images.

    Yes and please also find out what the term image RESOLUTION stands for. It does not

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