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    Nicole Broome

    Thanks Pieter, good points! I spoke to some editors a while back and got this feedback:

    Don’t send out blanket press releases – offer exclusives.
    We want to interview decision-makers telephonically or face-to-face if possible, in most cases we use press releases as background information.
    We do not want to see the same story in other publications unless it is an industry announcement or hard news.
    When releasing important information, interims, mergers, new acquisitions etc, make your spokesperson/people available to speak with the media.
    Please, please send us decent images, also on an exclusive basis, excellent images dramatically increase your chance of being published.
    We are not interested in your company or its achievements, we are interested in the needs of our readers.
    Understand our readership and editorial profile, never send us stories that are not covered in our publications or of no interest to our readers.
    Please don’t send us stories about conferences or exhibitions you are attending, if you have a speaker, grant a direct interview.
    Never, ever ignore the media or we will ignore you – if you are not prepared to comment then at least have the courtesy to pick up the phone and tell us.
    Your stories don’t appear for free! We have overheads. It costs us money to print your stories – in time, resources, printing costs and space in our publication. From time to time support us with advertising!
    Please come back to us when we ask for something. Deliver on your promises. Understand we have deadlines!
    Arrange site visits and opportunities to meet with important people in your organisation. Allow us time to take and access to take our own photography.

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    Martin Slabbert-Capper

    Very valid points Pieter. I hope especially new entrants in the PR field read this!

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    Pieter Cronje

    Thanks for sharing this, Nicole. These are valuable and practical tips.

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