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    corporations need to raise the level of contentment in employed staff in a bid to nurture the willingness of these key supporters to promote branded activities to their own social networks. Corporate PR departments face an up hill legacy, yet remain, operating in controlled isolation often on the executive floor – entirely distinct from the key support/promoter networks that probably exist within their own ranks of on message activists.

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    Really great piece. This is one of those “when the rubber meets the road” pieces and I particularly enjoyed it. The community engagement piece of the puzzle is one of the more fuzzy aspects for a business to justify spending on. What is the ROI of community engagement? How can it be proven?
    Facebook’s Edge Rank algorithm and that fact that  “consumers rarely visit a brand’s page proactively, but rather discover brand content through their newsfeeds” means that community engagement teams keep your content fresh, help to maintain a companies Edge Rank, thus helping the company maintain top of mind status among their followers.

    Michael Girard
    Community Engagement, Radian6

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