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    Rhymes With Bruised

    Love it! This whole hotcrossbungate was matza do about nothing, no? @rhymeswbruised:disqus  

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    Caryn Gootkin (in other words)

    I see you have your own hilarious Pesach-related stories to tell. Folks, read this blog post – 

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    Rhymes With Bruised

    Thanks, Caryn! I won’t tell the joke about the horse-radish importing crisis in Barcelona last year, during the airport strike …

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    Rumour has it that all South African pork products will now have a halaal sticker on them!

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    bryan hurd

    So Christians want hot cross buns for them only? what I heard was Christians wanted non halal{as all Woolworth’s buns were originally} buns which is not religious fanaticism where this woman got that from is unknown,asking for non halal is fanaticism,but halal only as it is now is just perfectly OK,that should be fanaticism as well ,but no one states that ..ONLY IF U ARE A CHRISTIAN…then its no good mmmmm I wonder why.

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