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    Gail Schimmel

    Two things that occur to me:
    * The first is to point out that a very effective alternative to the ASA is in place and is just waiting for advertisers to be brave enough to abandon the “devil they know” – go to //
    * The second is to wonder why nobody seems to want to point out that the downturn in confidence in the ASA is directly linked to the term of the current CEO. Not rocket science to fix the problem.

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    Sandra Gordon

    In 2008 on condition of confidentiality, I was copied on the ASA financials with a note urging me to treat the information sensitively. I was appalled to see  excessive cost increases and to my mind wasteful expenditure. The board went to ground then refusing to step up to the plate and do the right thing – rectify the poor state of financial control and condct an investigation into the then new CEO. So no surprise that King is feeling the heat at last, the industry who pays the bills is kicking back at last and we may see some action as suggested by Moerdyk and Schimmel.

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