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    Exactly right Louis – great article. And the challenge is that the traditional copywriter/Art director team needs to adapt quickly to creating content that focusses on trans-media story telling. It is a big shift for them – the winners will be those that embrace change and take on the challenge.

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    Great article, Louis. Spot on in terms of social media too. You can spot the work of traditional and even most ‘digital’ agencies – often all short term, campaign-focused flash. It is equally as important what you do with your new-found audience after the circus has left town. To engage that audience and turn them into brand advocates takes old fashioned content creation and dialoguing skills.

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    Rebecca Caroe

    It’s not the label that matters, it’s getting the client brand into the places where prospects hang out. If you want to call me hybrid, that’s fine.
    I’m writing a book about the Creative Agency of the Future – and am keen to interview anyone running an agency with 10+ staff who is running it differently now compared to 2 years ago. Get in touch

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