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    Justin, how about actually understanding how the data is collected for digital before commenting. Effective Measure is the online audience measurement standard in numerous markets, 41 countries to be exact, and these countries are mostly developing world countries with similar if not worse internet access. We do have a some idea of what we talking about. In the same way you love your Nielsen stats we are the equivalent of them in the developing world for digital. In terms of trusting our data we are audited and accredited by ABC UK (you should understand ABC in print) to global standards set by JICWEBS ( Not too sure how many times I need to say this, but whilst I was talking at Heavychef you rudely didn’t even pay attention and was stuck to your ‘smartphone’ like a bee to honey. No, you were not reading the GQ mag placed on the chair in the venue, on the digital device you say is not revolutionary. Arthur Goldstuck’s presentation showed that within 5 years almost half of the countries population will be on smart devices with the introduction of $50 smartphones and even $20 smartphones. The next generation (excuse the pun) of users are on these personal devices. If a brand wants to reach this next paying generation then they need to focus their efforts on developing Apps for a number of different mobile platforms. If the purchase of Whatsapp by Facebook was not revolutionary then I’m not sure what is. I really do feel for some of your clients, like Spar, who are leaps behind the likes of Woolworths, PicknPay and others who have embraced digital & eCommerce more specifically and thriving. Woolworths could now be considered the Marks & Spencer of Africa, a great achievement. If you are a higher LSM brand like Land Rover & BMW etc, your audience and paying audience is online via smartphones, tablets etc….the ‘yuppie’ audience of type. I would be happy to chat with any of the FMCG’s about the power of digital to drive traffic the bricks and mortar, in fact I had a chat with a large electronics retailer recently who said their website drove traffic to their stores. Users researched the products online and then either went to the store to buy or to collect the item bought online. Wechat, Mxit and others all have almost 100% penetration into the lower LSM market, if you don’t have a strategy for direct messaging there then again you will be left behind. Again, I am not saying TV, Radio, Outdoor and Cinema are dead, I’m just saying they will be digitised within 5 to 10 years. Outdoor billboards, streaming TV, streaming radio (Gareth Cliff seems to believe this), streaming movies etc are the future. There will always be a place for tangible media like newspapers & magazines but in a very streamlined form, probably hyper-local so for regions in the bundu’s with no internet connectivity. Funnily enough big brands like FNB, Nedbank, BMW, Vodacom, MTN etc are now focusing quite a bit of their ad Rands on digital, quite a bit more than the 2.9% reported by Adex. We all know you are ‘scared’ of change but change should be embraced and exploited. Think out the box a bit, like great agencies like Quirk, Native VML, Liquorice, Hellocomputer, Machine, GroupM, Starcom, Aegis etc who are now putting ‘digital’ properly in the media mix. I think you enjoy ‘stirring’ things up and personally attacking respected Industry people of digital public forums which does not reflect on you well as a person and as a businessman. Maybe concentrate on looking after your clients, retaining them and ensuring they have a strategy for the future and the now. Digital is here to stay, adapt of die….

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    Just realised it’s pointless debating with a person who has blinkers on, time to focus on being productive…

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    Jarred Cinman

    The IAB elects a new board in August of this year. I strongly suggest you stand for election and come be a constructive part of the growth of this industry, rather than simply throwing stones at those of us who give up our time to do so.
    I stand by my statements, tweets and articles.

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    Justin McCarthy

    I already serve on the boards of two industry bodies, have served the industry for many years and will continue to do so. I have been critical of both those organisations when necessary, and praised them too. I have equally praised the IAB in this very column, so it’s an imbalanced view to say I’m merely throwing stones. If you can’t take criticism as constructive that’s your problem – it won’t stop me calling out bodies or individuals when they behave in a questionable manner.

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    Justin McCarthy

    This is such a condescending rant that I won’t grace it with a reply. You evidently know absolutely nothing about me, the business I run or our clients’ strategies. I suggest you steer clear of commenting on them so you might have some face to save.

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    Jarred Cinman


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    I think it’s you that needs to save face, especially after your personal attack on a public forum like Twitter. I could quote it verbatim here as have screenshots of what you said to me. Absolutely no respect for anyone and you call yourself a professional. I think you purposefully go out to cause trouble and stir things up, it’s really giving you far too much ‘lime-light’ to you and that is why I won’t give you the time anymore. It would be classic to see you pitch to the ‘Dragons Den’ a media strategy excluding digital, they would burst out in laughter at you. Enjoy living in your bubble.

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    Justin McCarthy

    Quote what you like, I couldn’t care a jot what you think of me. I still know a damn sight more about digital marketing than you do. All you do is measurement. Zero application. You’re a theoretician. Repeatedly casting me as anti-digital merely serves to underline your infantile insecurities. When you grow up one day and have actually practiced marketing I might consider debating you.

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    Gosh you make me laugh, your insecurity is that younger people know more about digital than you do. I have worked over 10 years in a market 100 times larger than SA and have done a lot more than just measurement, remember ABC UK does all media. My clients were traditional print publishers moving into digital, so I had to have a full understanding of print circulation, TV, Radio, Outdoor, Cinema and Exhibitions working with both creative & buying agencies like Mindshare, Ogilvy, GroupM, Aegis & Starcom in Europe, far larger than TBWA Durban. (my account) on it’s own had more circulation than the whole of SA’s nationals combined and website usage that dwarf’s anything here, // Clients like Yahoo, Google, Guardian, Telegraph, Rightmove,Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s to name a few. SA can learn quite a bit from the UK market that is about 5 to 10 years ahead in digital.

    Anyway, you are just a ‘rabble rouser’ trying to stir up something, not sure what you going to achieve really by that other than alienate yourself from the digital community. One of my role’s is to promote digital in the market, something Effective Measure has done really well at in other markets.

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    Justin McCarthy

    LOL! We see you Morrissey posing as a guest. The depths you’ll go to for attention. SMH

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    Actually, I deleted my comment because I know responding to pugnacious people like you actually fuels your fire for more. For some reason Disqus turned it into ‘guest’ who knows why. You know absolutely nothing about me, my education, my opinions or the digital measurement business so your assumptions are just that assumptions. You have a reputation in Dubai and Durban for being a trouble maker and once again you confirm it. Oh yes and I quote these are the terms you used on Twitter directed at me PUBLICLY;

    ‘Jesus your are a wanker’
    ‘Now fuck off before I get angry’
    ‘You really couldn’t challenge a silk worm to a pissing contest. Mollycoddled little prat that you are. Boring as fuck too’
    ‘I’ll teach you some respect next time you stray in my path’
    ‘Oh you pretentious little prick, Fuck Off’

    Now I wonder who is the real idiot in this debate. You see in real life when you are challenged you resort to swearing and threatening people, now that is childish. I never once swore at you or resorted to that level. Debating with you is like negotiating with a toddler, always ends up in a tantrum…over and out…

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    Justin McCarthy

    I apologise and take it all back. You’re a word class super wanker.

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    This will excite you; //

    It’s exactly what I have said though, print will never die….people will always want something tangible but it will be very niche and premium…in SA it will just take a little longer due to cost of data and a gov not focused on improving connectivity fast enough…the last mile issue…

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    “In a sign of mobile’s growing importance for video content consumption, Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola are reportedly looking at building branded video streaming channels in India as an alternative to television ads.”

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    Digital is obviously not revolutionary at all; //

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