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    Steven E

    Weird that he could see well enough to line up and execute an impressively accurate and clean punch to the face.

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    Marilyn Cohen de Villiers

    I absolutely agree. I really don’t think it matters whether or not he could see that he was being attacked by a female. The point is: he was fully within his rights to retaliate/protect himself against an attacker, regardless of that attacker’s gender.

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    Caryn Gootkin

    My point is that, whether he knew who she was or not, the context is a great big drunken student brawl. It can’t be seen in the same light as gender-based violence that targets a woman because she is a woman.

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    Jonathan Meyer

    Great points, well made.

    It was also shocking to see how many people so blindly jump in defence of this woman (read: little girl) without checking the facts first – which in this case was no more than watching less than two mins of video footage.

    The social media hate machine works very quickly, and I’d be surprised if any of Irini’s defendants have apologised for the vitriol they spewed towards her supposed abuser.

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    Now this is what you call chutzpah! Enter the epicentre of a violent drunken brawl, behave like one of those pathetic losers and then cry “woe” – pretentiously acting on behalf of other abused women. Shame on her for for stooping so low as to lessen the credibility of innocent women who genuinely are suffering horrific abuse by men! Unbelievable…

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    I couldn’t agree more, she’s done a great disservice to women who suffer “real” abuse. She should publicly apologise to all those women for the damage she’s caused. What a nut!

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