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    Malcolm Cassisa

    My own personal involvement with online advertising while I am using You Tube is that I find the ads an invasion of my time. I rarely watch it to the end and mostly use the opt out button. So my question is ; Do you have any stats to show just how many ads are watched to the end? Because that is the first indicator of how effective this advertising channel is.

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    Joe Steyn-Begley

    Hi Malcolm,
    The latest stats from Google show that approximately 40% of all YouTube skippable Pre-Rolls are viewed right through to the end.

    If you need any further information, please get in touch.


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    The SpaceStation

    Good question Malcolm. We work predominantly with pre-packaged curated content, video series sponsorships or in banner video ads, which are less intrusive than YouTube ads and tend to have better campaign results. There are some interesting stats and examples in this video which are worth looking at //

    However, when it comes to straight pre-roll ads (like those on YouTube), the results are still pretty impressive (as Joe points out). But it pays to do it properly. And as the medium grows so more advertisers are creating with the platform and their audience in mind.

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