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    Tim Bester

    Well said…

  2. 2


    When are you hacks going to stop recycling this stupid story?

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    How is this story being recycled? Are you referring to it appearing on so many different sites or just the fact that Chris Moerdyk has written about this before?

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    I can remember this story from the 1980s. It’s been done to death so many times, it’s mummified.

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    Paige Turner

    Yes, this is an old topic — one that has been debated since the 1980s. How about launching a new discussion topic about the illogical misuses of the English language. I scream every time anyone uses, for instance, *surrounding* or *around* when the correct word is *about*. Recent examples: “Pravin Gordhan writes about ­reports that he’s been sucked into the saga ­surrounding Sars’ alleged illegal ‘rogue spy unit’” and “The dispute surrounding the statue of Cecil John Rhodes will be on the agenda.”

  6. 6


    Gosh, are you the real Paige, friend of Susie Day, and founder of Shoppers Without Borders? I’m impressed!

  7. 7


    Just to play devil’s advocate here, but surely this topic is still cropping up because the situation has not gone away or has gotten worse. Yes it has been covered before, and may even have been done to death, but repeated coverage of it is surely a sign that things have not changed. An indication that media is not helping solve the problem?

  8. 8


    Then there would be examples given, but they are not given – surely a sign that there are no such examples. Let’s be funny, but then let’s be funny. Not tired and stale.

  9. 9

    Paige Turner

    Best friend of Susie Day et al. I’d be impressed if anyone even knew what a preposition was, or what tense to use.

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