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    I like the article, thank you Mr. Reddy! Surely social media should not be considered as the only way of advertising or getting your message accross, but rather as a tool to assist traditional and digital media. It is the social element that takes it one step further to allow us to engage with our clients on a daily basis – there are other ways to get the stats we desire like ORM which will give you the results over time but definately not a quick fix – social media is an add on to any campaign to drive traffic to and from. 

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    Elizabeth Joss

    I enjoyed this article – definitely a more critical approach to social media and ROI. I think the question shouldn’t be whether or not social media will be useful to businesses. I think it is a matter of importance that all companies embrace social media as the way of the future. According to recent statistics, 50% of mobile phone users in South Africa use Facebook on their phones. Accessing internet through cellphones has become increasingly important for South Africans and businesses should use this as a way in which to engage their fans. Yes, it is currently very difficult for marketers to figure out ROI, but what is crucial is that companies take their brand to the next level by using social media effectively and as a crucial part of their brand presence. Social media may not create high conversions to ones website/ecommerce store or whatever it may be, but it can be an extremely useful platform to retain and grow loyal supporters of the brand and further a solid brand identity. 

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