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    Jarred Cinman

    Unfortunately I have no more time to invest in this discussion. I quite literally have too many other things to do with the limited space in my calendar devoted to growing the digital industry in SA.

    I thank Justin for his spirited views and I look forward to further discussions in the future.

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    Justin, look forward to having a mature and professional discussion on this at Heavychef on Thursday. Digital is not saying print, radio and TV are dead, we are just saying digital has eaten a significant chunk of audience from these channels in the past 10 to 15 years. No other media channel bar TV in the 60’s has attracted such large audiences in such a small space of time. Digital is revolutionary, it’s just that the ad spend has not followed. However, through the education of ‘traditionalists’ they will begin to see digital as a viable channel to reach these mass audiences, especially the next generation of purchasers who are digital only. By getting our digital figures into Telmar, Nielsen Arriana and other planning tools digital will start to attract the ad spend, SA is just behind the curve on this. In the developed world in all research it’s showing close to 40% of overall ad spend is in digital now. Also, TV, Radio, Outdoor and Print will all be ‘digital’ within 20 years, radio streaming, AV streaming, digital boards etc. Print, TV, Radio etc can all drive traffic online and vice versa. We in digital are just asking for a little bit of respect and not to be dismissed as tiny and irrelevant. I bet you have an iPhone, iPad, PC and laptop, so in affect you are contributing to the digital revolution. Also, your posts and articles are printed digitally here creating traffic for Mediaonline who will then sell ad space around these articles…..

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    A great debate at Heavychef this past week, including Justin McCarthy from TBWA and Arthur Goldstuck from Worldwide Works. Justin argued that Generations gets 8 million viewers, which is fine but how much spending power do those 8 million have? Facebook, Google and Twitter get over 8 million users a day and the majority of them are upper LSM. Also, digital is not only about transactions it is great for branding and brand awareness driving traffic to brick and mortar shops. Splash ads interrupting the user are great as the user then has to decide to either close the ad or review it. Also, Effective Measure can now measure digital Ad ROI via our Campaign Measurement and Impact studies. These show reach, frequency, eGRP’s, user demographics, which sites worked best for the target market etc. Digital is the most measureable medium, it’s just a case of agreeing where to measure it. With over 27% of South African’s online and only 2.9% adspend reported, it shows either the adspend is being under reported or agencies are just poor planners…

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    Justin McCarthy

    With this shallow level of comprehension of the SA marketplace it’s a wonder anyone does business with you. Say “but how much spending power do those 8 million have?” in a boardroom at Unilever, Vodacom, Shoprite or any of the biggest 100 brands in SA and you’ll be unceremoniously dumped in the parking lot.

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